Our Mission

Few resources exist outside our local medical community to provide support for men dealing with cancer.  They find it difficult to talk about the challenges they face, and to find other men with whom they can share a common experience other than cancer.

Our mission is to support, educate and help men with cancer rise above their disease.

As an Idaho based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization we use fly fishing and related activities to bring men with cancer and those who are in remission together to be supported and improve their outlook on life.

Idaho2Fly conducts three annual all-expense paid weekend fly fishing retreats.  Approximately 14 Idaho men with cancer are invited to attend each retreat with an equal or greater number of experienced volunteer Fishing Friends.  Along with food and lodging, all equipment needed to get on the stream is provided.

idaho2fly mens retreat

NO FISHING EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED.  Fishing Friends and guests are paired, one to one, to learn and experience fly fishing throughout the weekend.   But the weekend is not all about fishing.  Each retreat includes five general meetings facilitated by an Idaho2Fly specialist whose function is to assist the guests in communication and mutual support.

Idaho2Fly retreats remove men with cancer from their everyday environments and provide opportunities for learning and communication.  We believe that the experience of fly fishing some of Idaho’s most iconic waters with an experienced Fishing Friend is a great way to encourage men to communicate openly and to reach out for assistance, whether it be in tying a fly, spotting a likely spot to cast, or dealing with the frustrations, fears and trials of cancer.

And it doesn’t end when the gear is packed up and put away.  After a retreat we follow up with our guests with reunion meetings and fishing classes that are designed to encourage the enhancement of relationships formed and the skills developed while at the retreat.

We are building a community of men who can support, be supported and add value to each other’s lives.