Guest Reflections

Whether you come to one of our retreats as a Guest or as a Volunteer, you are more than likely to come away from it changed, in a good way. We often get comments from event participants that speak to the power of this shared experience, some of which are re-printed below.

“Men often do not know how to reach out for help, and even if they did, where would they go? There are so few options. Idaho 2 Fly is THERE for us. The support and comments of others helped me realize the necessity of assistance and patience; plus I learned to cast like the guy in A River Runs Through It.”

“The group discussions were wonderful and very valuable for me and need to be offered to ALL men with cancer.”


“The Fishing Friends, staff conversations and friendships are what I will remember. Tears were shed and my spirit healed.”


“You invest your precious time for people you don’t even know. You provide a casual atmosphere where we are encouraged to express our deepest feelings without fear of embarrassment or retribution. You arrange for us to enjoy a fishing experience in such a scenic area.
Thank you.”

“Loving life more than ever. Thank you to all involved, I may have cancer but it does not have me.”



“If you are living in the past and worrying about the future, you are missing out on the present. Learn from the past, dream about the future and live today.”



“Great weekend, it was good hearing other’s stories. Ray Wiley Hubbard (singer/songwriter) says, ‘When my days are filled more with gratitude than my expectations, those are really good days!’ Fishing helps a person be more thankful for every day regardless of our expectations.”

“Being part of this group will make the battle easier. It has reduced the fear and heaviness. You guys are the best.”

“This was an awesome weekend! All the wonderful people who gave of their time to help me, truly inspiring and all are volunteers.”

“I leave a prayer for the the men and those who attend in the future, “Stay well, be strong and have peace in your heart.”

“This program provides more than support for men. It helps stoic men express emotions and learn about ways to deal with surviving cancer.”

“The [initial] experience changed me for the better in ways I can’t explain. In the morning I join others to fly fish and it looks to be a good day.”

“Thank you so much for this life changing experience; I am a better man for it.”

“The dedication of the staff and fishing friends was wonderful.”

“This has been an unforgettable experience, to see grown men pour out their hearts and souls.”

“It has been a privilege to have met so many caring men who have a common bond.”

“Your experiences and emotions will stay with you for the rest of your life.”


“Thank you for the tears and releases.”