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Want to know more about Idaho2Fly and what we do? We've put together 2 little videos to show you.

We are hoping to up our video “game” this year as we firmly believe this medium is best suited to convey the essence of what we do to help men with cancer. So, if you are a videographer or video editor (or know someone who is and might want to volunteer), you could be a HUGE  help to us by working with us to create a small number of short videos that tell the Idaho2Fly story. Click HERE to let us know you are interested in volunteering.

We put the FUN in FUNdraiser! You can catch so many fish your arm will wear out.

Our 2Fly Derby is our major fundraiser for the year.  Every June Ron Sali’s Three Rivers Ranch in Eagle, Idaho, welcomes Idaho2Fly guests, volunteers and donors for an amazing day of fun, fishing, great food and even better friends!

Check out this 2-minute video
from past events to get a sense of the kind of day you’ll have.

Here’s another great look at what it’s like to attend an Idaho2Fly Derby.  Sign up today!